My services at a glance

For Businesses


Brand Consultancy & Digital Strategy


  • give a reason to believe why you exist

  • claim a vision and mission that resonates with your core identity as well as your customers

  • understand the market and your unique spot in it

  • be a relevant and valuable voice in the digital era

  • understand your customers´ needs in order to deliver true value along their (online) journey

  • capture the right insights to form tactics and business goals

Services offered:
Brand Leadership & Management

  • market research & potential analysis, consumer & user behavior research, customer needs assessment, personas development, brand positioning & brand story, value system evaluation, communication strategy, brand campaign development

Brand Experience & Innovation

  • business goals evaluation, trend analysis & reports, foresight & scenario studies, business modeling & transformation

Digital Strategy & Consulting

  • digital branding & planning, consumer journey mapping, digital business opportunities identification, digital product strategies, KPIs definition, analytics & reporting



Compassion & Mindfulness Trainings


  • experience greater well-being, resilience and stress management

  • improve performance, collaboration and empathy

  • increase effectiveness and decision-making capacity

  • cultivate innovative, creative thinking by re-humanizing your organization and structures

  • define new leadership and authentic communication within your company

Services offered (from mid 2019 on):

Trainings & Seminars

  • 7 Steps to Mindfulness & Compassion@Work program (based on Connected Business Teacher Training)

    • tools and methods include:

      • talking circle, vision quests, critical path method & objective agreements

      • non-violent, intercultural and authentic communication

      • mindfulness, body awareness techniques & efficiency routines

      • participatory and learning organization models

      • Innovation Canvas, Dragon Dreaming & Google Ventures Design Sprint

For Individuals


Female Womb Leadership & Human Empowerment


  • learn and sense yourself again and get access to your inner voice and wisdom

  • allow your vulnerability to rise within a safe space being hold

  • remember how to live in alignment with your womb in order to birth your creative ideas into the world

  • understand the 4 feminine archetypes and how to use them

  • learn how to embody your creative power by actively going into physical expression

Services offered:

Cosmic Healing Circle

  • following the great transformative changes on the various levels (spiritual, mental, physical and emotional) we all experience right now, I am offering holistic experiences (group or 1:1 sessions) for women and men on a monthly basis that contain elements of yoga, meditation, energy forecasts and Reiki that relate to a monthly topic in which the participants can rebound with their body, their voice and their very own spirituality.

Workshops & Impulse Lectures

  • I create spaces and sessions for both - men and women - to understand the very true nature of the masculine and the feminine principles, which are both inherent to all of us. I inspire to help us human understand how to work with these qualities within the context of life and business.

1:1 Soul Sessions & Spreads

  • in a secure and pleasant private setting, I offer individual sessions and conversations with women to guide them through body and consciousness work into their creative potential. I give guidance and advice for women to grapple with their feminine cycle and their feminine energies and to use them according to their potential.

Reiki Treatments

  • Reiki is a very potential way of healing. Reiki treatments are used since thousands of years to heal the subtle layers of the body. It is my goal to bring the energy fields of humans who seek curing back into balance and harmony with the holistic approach of using Reiki and aromatherapy in order to support them in achieving their optimal health - on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.



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