Life & Business

Empowering people, brands and organizations to rise and expand in life & business

From high-profile companies to local brands, I serve my clients as an experienced Brand Consultant & Digital Strategist. Having my professional career at Greenkern (now Aperto – an IBM Company) and SapientRazorfish for the last 9 years, I cultivated a deep commitment towards my work as a Senior Strategist in digital planning, communications, brand strategy & experience strategy (with international clients such as VW, Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Credit Suisse and many more).

As a student of life I traveled the world – inner and outer - only to find myself in a place where one profession is not enough.
As our work and lifestyles are more interwoven than ever, I crave a deeper meaning and connection on a personal and professional level. With further trainings and education in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Reiki and body work I offer experiences and trainings to organizations and private persons that connect the individual to the self and the self to the collective.

Based in Berlin, Germany, I enjoy straddling the line between business & personal matters, the rational & spiritual, the visible & invisible.

Being able to balance these roles I am excited to get my hands on new challenges and lead in an ever-changing environment.