"Open your mind, arms and heart to new things and people, we are united in our differences"


About me and my business

Born in Berlin, my passion for different countries, cultures and lifestyles has led me to several working and living stations in life. The energy and spirit I experienced across the globe is the most valuable thing I gained from my travels and livings abroad. And so were the people who have crossed my path until now. Be it work- or life related. There is so much to see, to be uncovered and learned from each other in order to grow, expand and rise.

Everybody has a story to tell.

And it doesn’t matter who it is - a person, a brand, or a company tale. My curiosity and love for people as human beings is the motivation that drives me to involve myself in customer-related projects and processes. No matter the smallest to the most dauntingly large scale I can undertake, I will. These are the people of my customer (brand), the employee of my customer (company) or the private customer. Humanity itself always finds a way to evolute and connect. The human pulls off identification, orientation and support and I find the potential in people, brands and processes.

The decision to pursue my profession on a freelance basis results on the one hand from the outdated working conditions in the agency industry, on the other hand from the further development of my person and fields of interest. In the last few years I went on a journey of self discovery. I tapped and reconnected to my body - on a mental, expressional, emotional and physical level. It was all about tracking old belief patterns, routines and strategies I lived upon until now in reflection to myself, others and the environment I was working in.

Through mindfulness trainings and consciousness work I took on me as well on friends and family my view of interpersonal and professional interaction has sharpened.

Time to be the change you wish to see in the world.

I believe in a new, more contemporary working model, in which the interpersonal and mindful interaction with each other should be paid more attention to in order to work more fulfilling, creative and innovative.

Everyday businesses need to evolve their work and purchase processes to meet a constantly accelerating global environment. New business models are evolving and organizational forms are restructured - with our work and lifestyles being more interwoven than ever.

And as a Life and Business Consultant in the areas of Brand Consulting & Digital Strategy, Mindfulness & Compassion Training and Female Womb Leadership & Human Empowerment I am committed to supporting and advising people, brands and companies into the future of commmercial digitalisation and global rapid change - on a business and interpersonal level.

3 business areas I feel home at.

As an external brand and communication consultant with a focus on brand management, digital strategy and service design I am location-independently and flexible available for specific projects in agencies and companies where it lacks on internal expertise. At this I interfere and make use of the knowledge and experience I acquired in my 9 years as a brand consultant and digital strategist in - among others - one of the world's largest and most renowned digital agencies, SapientRazorfish in Berlin. For my clients, such as Audi AG and Porsche AG, I was responsible for projects that aimed for transforming the brand into digital space with respective platforms and campaigns.

With further trainings in yoga and meditation and additional qualifications in energy and awareness work as well as an aspired mindful teacher training in 2019, I offer mindfulness-& compassion trainings and workshops for leaderships and their teams in agencies and companies- starting from November on.

As a Life consultant, I am offering holistic experiences (group courses) for women and men on a monthly basis that contain elements of yoga, meditation, energy forecasts and Reiki that relate to a monthly topic in which the participants can rebound with their body, their voice and their very own spirituality.

On the other hand, I use different methods (energy, body and consciousness work) in individual and group sessions to enable women to reconnect them to their female cycle and to bring them into their full creative potential. Additional lectures and workshops into the business complement this area.

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